Our claims department will process claims on your account when any one of the following occurs:

  • If the product is received damaged on delivery.
  • If the product is not what was ordered.
  • If the order does not reach the customer within 30 days of the original estimated delivery date.

What is the process that I need to follow?

  • Select the order number for which you need to file a claim. Click on the 3 dots on the top right and “File a Claim”.
  •  Enter your contact email, reason for the claim and upload the image/s of the damaged or incorrect product.
  • Upon verification, we will credit your account with the amount you had paid for the impacted item/order.
  • If your claim pertains to an order lost in transit, please upload a screenshot of the shipment tracking.
  • You can go ahead and place another order for your customer while we process the credit request.

Cancelation Policy?

Once an order has been forwarded to, or is already in, the production phase, free cancellation might not be available. Please note that fees could be incurred for canceling an order that is already in progress.

Cancel orders through Order Desk?

Within the Order Desk Dashboard there is Cancel Order at Printverse Button under the order status tab.

Printverse will strictly adhere to the 24hr cancellation policy. Orders can only be canceled within 24hrs without charge from the time submitted to our system. Any order cancellation request received after 24hrs will be invoiced regardless of where it is in the production cycle. This policy will also apply during peak season.

How long do I have to submit a claim?

Claims regarding product issues must be submitted within 14 business days from the delivery date of the order. Claims related to orders lost during transit should be filed within 30 days from the estimated delivery date. Updated: 05/2023

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