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Sublimation printing is a popular method of printing on fabric or other materials that involves using heat and pressure to transfer dye directly onto the material. This process results in vibrant and long-lasting colors that are resistant to fading or peeling.

Unlike traditional screen printing, sublimation printing does not involve the use of inks or other pigments. Instead, a special dye is printed onto a transfer paper using an inkjet printer. The transfer paper is then placed onto the material to be printed and heat is applied, causing the dye to sublimate or turn into a gas. This gas then bonds with the fibers of the material, creating a permanent and high-quality print.

There are several advantages to sublimation printing compared to traditional screen printing. One of the main advantages is the ability to print high-quality images with vibrant colors and intricate designs. Because sublimation printing uses a digital process, it is possible to print complex designs with fine details and gradients that may be difficult or impossible to achieve with screen printing.

Another advantage of sublimation printing is the durability and longevity of the print. The sublimation dye bonds directly with the fibers of the material, resulting in a print that is resistant to fading or peeling. This makes sublimation printing ideal for high-quality, long-lasting products such as sports jerseys, promotional items, and other apparel.

In addition to these advantages, sublimation printing is also a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional screen printing. Because sublimation printing does not involve the use of inks or other pigments, there is less waste generated during the printing process. Additionally, sublimation printing can be done on demand, which means that there is no need for large production runs or excess inventory.

Overall, sublimation printing offers many advantages compared to traditional screen printing. With its ability to produce high-quality and long-lasting prints, sublimation printing is a popular choice for a wide range of products and applications. Whether you are looking to print custom apparel, promotional items, or other products, sublimation printing is a versatile and effective printing method that delivers outstanding results.

Contact our customer support to change or cancel orders. If the order is InProduction, it may not be possible to change or cancel. If you ordered through Order Desk, there is a Cancel Order button in your dashboard.
Yes, we offer international shipping, price for which is mentioned on our shipping page. We do not ship to some countries such as the UAE. Please note that the custom duty, if any has to be paid by the customer. Printverse is in no way responsible for any custom duty/taxes.
The API integration is straightforward and it usually takes two to four weeks to connect Printverse to your E-Commerce website.
Please contact us to order the samples.
There are no fees for using Printverse. An invoice will be sent to you for the products we print and fulfill based on the agreed terms.
Please contact your account manager to delete your account.
There is a webhook or callback that can be set up to receive automatic notifications. Please refer to the API documentation
The order status allows you and your customers to track orders. You can send the notification to your customers when the status is changed to shipped.
We will invoice you every two weeks. The charge on each order will include fulfillment and shipping costs.
You can access your product range in the Printverse dashboard or contact an account manager.
Tax may be exempt if a seller permit is provided.
Your credit card may be required to be on file. Printverse will invoice you bi-weekly with all transaction information.
Printverse can support you and your partners.
We are able to source new products for your customers. Please contact your account manager to discuss.
Customers have to pay for sample shipment.
Please contact our customer support to reprint any products with defects. In rare cases, refunds or returns may be allowed but please contact customer support first.
Each product page in our catalog will contain rules and provide a template under the Print Guidelines section.
Bleed area is the area for our printing process to avoid white borders. Bleed area may be cut off or removed after production is completed.
Can be arranged with your Account Manager.
We support all major shipping methods with UPS, FedEx, USPS. Please refer to the API documentation API Documentation
It can be your address or your partners' address.
Please contact your account manager to discuss.
Your customers orders come from you and you alone! we are your team.
Orders will be produced and shipped out within 48 business hours. Delivery times will depend on the shipping method used as well as location.
Production on orders start as soon as all images and documents are received and verified. Once verified, they are produced within 48 business hours.(Orders may take longer if large quantities) The customer has the legal obligation to ensure the copyrights of the order sent to Printverse. Printverse is not responsible or liable for any legal or copyrights of all order images, documentation, or related information sent by the customers. Printverse will not be responsible or refund any product damaged during shipping.
We use Ruby on Rails, Nodejs, and RabbitMQ for our 24/7 api, fulfillment and production processing. Most of our servers and processes are in the Amazon cloud with redundancy and periodic backups.
You can get order statuses via an API call or automatic notifications, then send the tracking numbers to your customers.
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