Easy and Simple Sign-Up Process

Once you are signed-up, your personal Account Manager will help you get everything you need to get started. They will guide you by creating your account, show you how to navigate our dashboard and set up your API Credentials.

Connect to our API

After processing, we connect your website to our API using your credentials. The API will give you the ability to automatically send us product orders through your online shopping cart without you having to do it manually.

Test a Sample Order

Once your website is fully integrated with our API system, you are able to request a sample order with one of our products. We provide a pre-made template where you can place your design on the product. After we have received the template and produced your product,  you will be able to see the high quality items your customers will be purchasing. 

Start Fulfillment

Everything is now set. You can now add products, download templates, watch order processes, receive up-to-date shipment info and much more.

Effortless Documentation

We provide you with clean API documentation, straightforward guides, and a sample code to make integration between your business and our API both simple and convenient.

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